C4 is our discipleship process as the church. It’s our process for growing and connecting at Faith Fellowship. We think it’s important to have a clear understanding of how to connect as the church and grow together. We see this type of process in Jesus ministry. People came to investigate and see who Jesus was (Come). Some connected to him and began to follow him (Connect). He then took out of this group, the 12, to be His disciples and invest His life into (Covenant). He raised them up into leader’s who would know and obey God’s call in their life (Calling). This process is both organic and organized.

C4=Come, Connect, Covenant, Calling

The process of coming to know Christ and the Church.
The process of getting connected to this local church.
The process of committing and embracing God’s people here at Faith Fellowship.


The process of growing in deeper maturity as God’s calling for your life becomes clearer.