C4=Come, Connect, Covenant, Calling

C4 is our discipleship process as the church. It’s our process for growing and connecting at Faith Fellowship. We think it’s important to have a clear understanding of how to connect as the church and grow together. We see this type of process in Jesus ministry. People came to investigate and see who Jesus was (Come). Some connected to him and began to follow him (Connect). He then took out of this group, the 12, to be His disciples and invest His life into (Covenant). He raised them up into leader’s who would know and obey God’s call in their life (Calling). This process is both organic and organized.

The process of coming to know Christ and the Church.
In Jesus ministry people came to investigate who he was and what he was claiming. Jesus intentionally sought opportunities to allow people to come and hear His message and see His acts. Likewise, we as  the Church intentionally try to provide opportunities for people to come to see and hear of Jesus. This can happen through a Sunday morning experience, a fun community event, getting involved in a Life-Group, or by serving together.
The process of getting connected to this local church.
In Jesus ministry people began to connect with Him. This connection wasn’t full-fledged commitment but a curiosity that caused them to stick around. This was the time period where they learned more about who Jesus was before committing to follow Him. For us, Connection is a class offered once a quarter after Sunday service where those new to the church can learn more about our history, beliefs, and ways to get involved. It’s where you get to learn more about who we are before fully committing to this local church.
The process of committing and embracing God’s people here at Faith Fellowship.
Jesus intentionally prayed and chose 12 men to follow Him as disciples. This didn’t just happen, it was an intentional decision by both Jesus and His disciples. We believe that living out the biblical calling as the church doesn’t just happen, but rather requires intentionality and commitment. This commitment shapes and forms us into better followers of Jesus. This commitment looks like a Covenant with the church. Covenant class happens twice a year and consists of 3 classes on a Sunday night where we talk more in-depth about what it means to know and live out the Bible’s calling for us as a Church. After these classes those desiring to be in covenant will get together with an elder and once agreed celebrate together on a Sunday morning.


The process of growing in deeper maturity as God’s calling for your life becomes clearer.
Jesus raised up those following Him to carry on His ministry. He empowered His disciples to do what He did. After His death and resurrection, He called them to be His witnesses in all the earth. This calling looked different for each person, but it all revolved around making much of Jesus wherever they were at. Calling is our leadership class. We spend 6 sessions learning and applying God’s unique call in each of our lives to make much of Him.