Can I Get a Witness? (Psalm 126)

Those who go out weeping,
carrying seed to sow,
will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with them (PSALM 126:6).


A farmer’s job is as simple as sowing and reaping. Back in the day the farmer went about with a bag of seed looking for fallow ground where he could sow his seed. The farmer’s main job is to sow the seed. It is God’s job to give the harvest so the farmer can reap. But the only way the farmer will sow is to go to the field where the seed needs to be planted. Those who “go…carrying seed to sow” are the ones who reap…

As we go about our daily lives working, playing, and socializing, we are to be sowing the seed of the good news of the gospel. A follower of Jesus is to be on the go into the neighborhoods, offices, stores, and stadiums looking for fallow ground where the seed of faith can be sown.

Not one verse of Scripture commands the unchurched to come to church to hear the gospel; the command is always for the churched to go to the unchurched and share the gospel. We must go daily, always being open to sow our seed wherever fertile ground awaits.

52 Weeks Through the Psalms


All true Christians have faith, but many feel inadequate when it comes to sharing that faith. So they remain silent. But farmers must sow their seed or there will be no harvest, and Christians must evangelize or there will be no harvest of souls into the kingdom. If you’re shy about sowing the seeds of the gospel, here are some hints on what to do.

First, pray. As you go about your day, ask God to set up divine appointments with those who are fertile ground for the sowing of the gospel seed. Second, know your own testimony of coming to Christ and be willing to share it. Many a person has been won to Christ by hearing someone else’s story. Third, carry a few small tracts or booklets containing the Gospel of John that you can leave with an interested person. In some cases, leaving the seed of God’s word with a person may be all you can do at the moment. Trust God to work through his word with that person later.

Remember to share your faith in a relaxed manner out of compassion, not compulsion. Trust God to use you as he chooses. In all cases, leave the results to God. The farmer can only sow the seed; he cannot make it grow. Likewise, you can only sow the gospel; you cannot bring about a person’s conversion to Christ. Only the Holy Spirit can do that.


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