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Red Ribbon Door Post Challenge
April 8, 2020. All day
Organizer: Colin Munroe

Red Ribbon Door Post Challenge 
Passover is April 8 - 16, 2020


What if we were to take red  ribbons  and attach them to our doors or mail-boxes as a symbol of the blood that was placed over the doors of the children of Israel's homes at Passover when God freed them from Egyptian slavery and delivered them from the plague of death to the firstborn (Exodus 12:29-30). 


The red  ribbons can be a symbol of faith that God is still able to deliver His people from bondage? We are His children, we are His beloved, we are His property, and He loves us as no one else can. Let us show the world that we believe His Word, and we are His. This is to let the world know that we believe the Word of God. 


Who else will place this on their page? Let’s get the word out! God is still in control, He is our ONLY hope. 

Cover those door posts/mailboxes, pray for deliverance from this virus, and stand on His promise of protec-tion for His people.  Let’s get the word out and our red  ribbons out too.!


Not sure where to find the red ribbon during this time? Look in your craft supplies, Christmas decoration and or gift wrapping box.