Follow the Directions (Psalm 119:18)

Open my eyes that I may see
wonderful things in your law (PSALM 119:18).


The Bible contains treasure troves of spiritual jewels just waiting to be collected. God wants us to open our eyes to see where these are. He wants to help us find them… You have to do one thing for this to happen—read your Bible and read it daily. There is not a day in your life that you do not need to hear from God. There is not a day in your life that you don’t need to listen to God. Daily Bible reading keeps you tuned in to God’s voice.

52 Weeks Through the Psalms


Imagine what it would be like to go without food for a day or two. Then imagine no food for a week — or a month. Picture the effect of such malnutrition on the body. In the same way, when we neglect the word of God,
we become spiritually malnourished.

In truth, a Christian should sit down with the Bible and expect to find a fully satisfying meal, dessert included. When we open our eyes to the word of God, we do see “wonderful things” that God has for us.

So dig into the word of God. Gorge yourself. No fasting on God’s word. Feasting, yes. Fasting, no.


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