Help Yourself to Happiness (Psalm 89)

You are their glory and strength,
and by your favor you exalt our horn.
Indeed, our shield belongs to the LORD,
our king to the Holy One of Israel (PSALM 89:17-18).


If we are ever going to be happy, then we must build our true identity on the way that God sees us—not on the things we do nor on the passions we pursue. How we see ourselves is likely quite different from how God sees us. While we like to think of ourselves as dust, God views us as beloved. On any given day I can name myself by my work, my possessions, my net worth, or my relationships, but God looks at me through the work of the cross and calls me loved…

Do you know how God sees you? He sees you as an image of God, forgiven and beloved. Knowing your worth in God is a source of happiness that propels you into wholeness. He is your constant presence, your consistent provider, and your continuous protection. With God you can always be happy.
Without God you never will be.

52 Weeks Through the Psalms


If we make God the source of our “glory and strength, we will never need to despair. If we refuse to see ourselves through natural eyes, but instead view ourselves as God sees us, we gain confidence to live out our divine calling.

If you see yourself as anything less than a beloved child of God, bought by the death of his son, then you’re missing the point of Calvary. Christ’s torturous death on the cross demonstrates the degree of God’s love in the past. The pouring out of his Holy Spirit within us speaks to his present love for us. And his promise of eternal life in heaven assures us of his continued love in the future.

Given all this, how can we not be happy people?


James Merritt. 52 Weeks Through The Psalms Devotional. Harvest House Publishers. Eugene, Oregon, 2018.