Never Forget (Psalm 103)

Praise the LORD, my soul,
andforget not all his benefits-
who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases (PSALM 103:2-3).


The psalmist’s statement is true in two ways. On the one hand, all healing is from God. There is a saying that “the doctor treats but God heals.” All the doctors, drugs, and hospitals in the world cannot heal a common cold without the help of the Great Physician. Hanging on the wall of one doctor’s office was this quip: “God does the healing. I charge the fee.” Ambroise Paré, a sixteenth-century French surgeon, said, “I apply the dressing, but God heals the wound.”

This statement is also true in the sense that God does indeed heal all our diseases either temporarily or permanently. Even if God heals us here and now, eventually we still die. However, one day our healing will be permanent and eternal, and we will go to a place where disease and grief are never seen again.

We should never forget how God relieves us of grief, both now and forever.

52 Weeks Through the Psalms


At one time or another, every person experiences illness. From the common cold to terminal diseases, this present age offers myriad maladies birthed from the fall of man. None of us is immune to disease. And yet God is not put off by our weaknesses or sickness-prone bodies. He is with us in our illnesses, bringing temporal or permanent healing. We often forget this truth when sickness strikes, and instead rush to the internet to self-diagnose our symptoms before hurrying off to see our doctor or buy medicine. While we may indeed receive healing at the hands of doctors or the local pharmacy, we still must acknowledge God as the one who heals.

So the next time you become ill, look up first. Offer your desire for healing to the maker of your body. And whether healing comes now or later, remember to give thanks.


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