Open the Doors (Psalm 100)

The LORD is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all
generations (Psalm 100:5).


God is good all the time. He loves us with an everlasting love that will never quit. He is faithful to us at all times and all places and never fails to keep his promises. No wonder we ought to meet God willingly, worship God joyfully, serve God gladly, thank him humbly, and praise him constantly. Not only did he design you, but he wants to connect with you and keep you in his presence. And to be in his presence, we have to first open the doors.

52 Weeks Through the Psalms


We serve an unchangeable God. An unchangeable, good God. Throughout all generations, from the creation of Adam to the present and on into eternity, God is good and faithful, and his love toward us endures forever.

For the believer, it is no burden to worship such a God. The burden falls on those who will not bow their knees.

Right now, wherever you are, take a moment to worship and praise him joyfully. Then, in whatever way is open to you, serve him gladly. Serving God is its own reward.


James Merritt. 52 Weeks Through The Psalms Devotional. Harvest House Publishers. Eugene, Oregon, 2018.