Revive to Thrive (Psalm 85)

Will you not revive us again,
that your people may rejoice in you? (PSALM 85:6).


Revival produces joy in worship—a burning, blazing, radiant, and enthusiastic love for the Lord Jesus Christ. When revival comes, religion is no longer a dull habit but an acute fever. Worship is not a duty but a delight. When revival comes, the church experiences God’s power, hungers for his presence, bathes in his praise, and focuses on his person,

Revival produces new joy in work. When revival comes, you are so full of God that you want to use your gifts for him. People who can sing join the choir. People who can teach enter the classroom. People who can encourage get down with the destitute.

People who can give offer their resources. Everybody does something and nobody does nothing. When revival comes, you work in the power of the Spirit, and you learn that the yoke of Jesus is easy and his burden is light.

There is also a new joy in witnessing. Revival is for the church, but when revival comes, the world is affected. Sinners get saved, baptisms surge, and disciples are made. Because a revived church is so on fire for God, it cannot help but teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ….

When it comes down to it, revival is what will make all of us thrive. But it doesn’t start outside of ourselves or outside of our churches. It starts within with people who are seeking it, seeing it, and singing it.

Let’s let it in!

52 Weeks Through the Psalms


Revival is usually thought of as something that sweeps through a nation, community, or church. But revival can happen to a single person too.

Revival can happen in my life—and in yours.

Don’t we all thirst for the kind of personal experience with our Lord that moves us to worship him more passionately, serve him more gladly, and tell other thirsty people where they too can find this gushing well that never runs dry?

Lord, refresh us now. Revive us again that we may rejoice in you. Praise be to your name, O Lord!


James Merritt. 52 Weeks Through The Psalms Devotional. Harvest House Publishers. Eugene, Oregon, 2018.