Update from Pastor Colin – April 3, 2020

Update from Pastor Colin – April 3, 2020
Hi Faith Family! 
We pray this finds each of you well and being encouraged in the Word of God. Please connect with us if you are in need of prayer or have questions about how to biblically navigate through this season. 

We’re excited about the gift of sharing Word of God with you through the online Sunday Celebration for the next few weeks! 

We are not meeting on campus for the Sunday Celebration or any other opportunities until the President, CDC, and / or local governing authorities lift the safer-at-home order. We have examples of this type of circumstance in Scripture. One where the Lord shut them in during the Passover and they were encouraged if they were a smaller family to join together with another smaller family, and the examples of the Ark and Rahab’s house in Jericho where they were together with other souls. So be encouraged to worship together with your family while following the CDC guidelines. 

Tune in online for our Sunday Celebration. 

Listen to and view the message organically together as families, friends, neighbors and brothers and sisters in Christ as you feel lead and within the CDC guidelines.

You’ll be able to access the sermon notes and Bible study questions for your individual or group participation by 7:00 a.m. each Sunday morning during this season.

The format is very similar to how a Sunday Celebration unfolds when we are gathered together; praise and worship music, announcements, encouragement, and the Word of God shared with us by one of our pastors or a member of the teaching team. 

This Sunday, April 5, Pastor Tom Bradwell will be teaching on John 18:28-40.

The Bible study notes, audible message and message notes available by 7:00a.m.  

Prepare to join us this Friday at 7:00 p.m. for Our DIGITAL Good Friday Service 

You’ll hear from Pastor Colin Munroe, Pastor Tom Bradwell and Rob Harlan, member of the Teaching Team. 

Come to the Cross Easter Sunday!!! While we are not yet able to gather together we can still Come to the Cross on the corner of 1st Avenue South and Pinellas Way South to fill it with flowers!

Please practice the 6 ft distancing, unless you are with your own household.

Then join us digitally for the Easter Celebration

Invite your friends, family and neighbors through Facebook to join you! 

Can you believe it’s time to get ready for the “Walk for Life”!  Walkers, get on over to iwalkforlife.com today to register and join The Hands and Feet of Faith Team! Jerry Hurt (727) 510-9910 is our New Life Solutions Liaison. You can also mosey on over to iwalkforlife.com to support a walker or two. 

As promised last week we have a FAQ page for you during this season! 

We also emailed and added to the Home Page two wonderful resources: The Bible Project’s weekly Church-at-Home and the North American Mission Board’s Interactive Family Devotional! If you haven’t already, go check these resources out and share them with your friends, family and neighbors! 

Speaking of sharing with your friends, family and neighbors, how is B.L.E.S.S. unfolding during this time? How can we join you in prayer? Please let us know here.  While logistically, it might look a little different, this is a great time to further live out and practice B.L.E.S.S. (Be in prayer, Listen with care, Eat together, Serve one another, Share your story).

How is God leading you to love your neighbor as yourself during this time?  

Understanding Baptism Class will be rescheduled once we are able to resume gathering in large groups.  

The Connect Class scheduled for Sunday, April 19 is temporarily postponed. The Connect Class offers you an opportunity to learn more about the DNA of this local body of Christ; who we are as an A2 church, Our Mission, Our Vision, Our History and Our Leadership. Pastor Colin is looking forward to sharing about Faith Fellowship with you soon!  

Life Groups during this Season Life Groups: In response to President Trump and Mayor Keisman’s request, we are temporarily recommending that all Life Groups follow the safer-at-home order that’s in place. 

Two of our Life Groups are providing online resources. 

Mondays:  Overcomers: with Jerry Hurt, (727) 510-9910, will resume, in person meetings, when the safer-at-home order is lifted at the end of April. 
Tuesdays:  Overcomers: with Jerry Hurt, (727) 510-9910, will resuming, in person meetings, when the safer-at-home order is lifted at the end of April. 
Cross Training Life Group – Tom and Daisy Bradwell will be offering this Life Group in an online text version for the Galatians Bible study with an audible overview by Tom. Feel free to reach out with questions to Tom

Wednesdays:  Center Point Life Group – Pastor Colin and the teaching team will be offering an online text version for the Acts Bible study with an audible overview by Pastor Colin. Feel free to reach out with questions. 

Five Towns with Mrs. Helen – This group will continue to encourage and pray with each other via the phone, text, and emails. They will be practicing the CDC guidelines and not meeting together due to the demographics of this group. Connect with Ms Jill Andrews for further updates (727) 271-2234. 

Thursdays: 1st & 3rd Thursdays Prayer Life Group – Mrs. Judy Keif and participants will be praying from their individual homes,  as well as staying connected via text, calls and emails as they follow the CDC guidelines due to the demographics of many in their group. Text or call Mrs. Judy Keif (727) 510-9930 with any prayers or praises. 

Women’s L.I.G.H.T. “I Give Up” Bible Study with Colette Graston (727)953-0303 will be resuming with Lesson 4 of the “I Give Up” Bible study when the CDC guidelines permit. Colette Graston will be reaching to the participants soon. 

Fridays: Men’s Breakfast at 8:00a.m. while the Chick-fil-a dining room is closed and safer-at-home order is in place this group will be encouraging each other through technology rather than in person. 

Awana Club for 3 year olds thru 6th graders will not meeting on Fridays through the end of April. With a little creativity from their leaders, they’ll still be staying connected. The Sparks and Truth & Training leaders will be sending current families information about the Friday evening Awana online platform they are utilizing. The Cubbies leaders are looking forward to hearing their Cubbies memory verse. Cubbie’s parents, please watch for an email or text. 

Leadership Essentials and Discipleship Essentials groups will be utilizing technology for their times together. Please connect with your group leader for encouragement and updates. 

Women’s L.I.G.H.T. Ministry Freedom Conference scheduled for March 27 & 28 has been temporarily postponed. The new date will be coming soon! Why not get started while you wait for the reschedule date?! Be in prayer for speaker, Debbie Friley and the ladies and teen girls God is preparing to attend. Have a question you’d like the leadership team? 

Radically Surrendering, 

Pastor Colin and Leadership