March, 24, 2020

Tom Bradwell, Teacher


This is a verse by verse study of the book of Galatians to supplement the audio lesson.

Please read Galatians 4:20-30

What was the change in tone Paul referred to in verse 20?

In verse 21, why was Paul referring the Galatians and those Jewish leaders known as the Judaizers to the Old Testament in his defense of the Gospel?

In verses 22-26 Paul compares the two covenant with two Old Testament figures. Who were they?  

In what way did Hagar represent the Old Covenant or the law?

In what way does Sarah represent the New Covenant or the Gospel?

Does verse 27 seem to indicate that there would be more believers under the New Covenant, than the Old?  Why or why not?

What comparisons does Paul draw from in sharing the stories of Hagar and Sarah (see Genesis 15, 16, 21)?  What are Abraham and Sarah guilty of?

What is the Gospel message that Paul is contending for here in the churches of Galatia (see CH 2:15)?


Gal 1: Paul, to the churches of Galatia. You are already turning to a different gospel! The gospel I preached came by revelation from Christ.

Gal 2: I went up to Jerusalem and saw the leaders. I opposed Cephas about circumcision. We are justified by faith in Christ and not by works.

Gal 3: Those who are of faith are blessed with Abraham. Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. In Christ you are all sons of God.

Gal 4: God sent his Son for us to receive adoption. How can you turn back to worthless principles? You, like Isaac, are children of promise.