Vacation Bible School Jesus Helps You Power Up!

The workout coach shouts, “Power Up! Join the team. We can make a difference the world will see. Power Up!”  Another fun-packed Vacation Bible School program takes place daily from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., June 24-28 for all 4-year-olds through 5th graders. This high impact experience is about far more than being in shape. It offers kids the opportunity to help reshape their world. “We need all the Workout Team members we can find,” says Marlena Morrison, VBS Director.

“We’re going to explore five of the one-another passages in the Bible and kids will discover that Jesus builds us up from the inside out. Through hands-on activities they’ll see that they can reshape their world as they LOVE One Another, ACCEPT One Another, SERVE One Another, COMFORT One Another, and FORGIVE One Another. Jesus Helps You Power Up!

“We’ve packed the week full of challenges and excitement, including Word of Life Center, Movers and Shakers Fitness Fun, Munch and Crunch Café, and High Impact Crafts. Two ant mascots, Rachel, a health-oriented coach, and Reuben, a happy-go-lucky guy interested in improving himself, double the fun.”
So get ready to do the spiritual stretch! Sit up. Push up. Pull up. Don’t give up. You’re cross training for life.

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