A Vision for and Celebration of Mother’s
2 Timothy 3:14-15

Title: A Vision for and Celebration of Mother’s

Text: 2 Timothy 3:14-15

Key Vs: 2 Timothy 3:14-15

Big Idea:

God has graced us with mother’s to help nurture and support us to maturity in Christ. We ought to encourage and celebrate them.


A Vision for Motherhood

A Celebration of Motherhood

Key Questions:

  • Where did Mother’s day come from/ originate?

o   Why is it important for us to celebrate them?

  • What is a mother?
  • Why did God create mothers?
  • What are some of the calling’s God has given to mothers?
  • How can we individually and as a church support mother’s in their God given calling?
  • What are ways the world (our sin) fight against God’s calling to mothers?
  • How can you express your gratefulness
  • Mother’s:

o   How can you put Christ first in your affections and love!

o   How can you guide your children to a mature and deep faith in Christ

  • What areas are you doing well?
  • What areas would God call you to confess and repent? Area’s you haven’t been pointing your children to Christ first (Education, Sports, Entertainment, Comfort/Pleasure/ Ease)

o   How can you bring your family into gospel ministry….not sacrificing God’s call for the family but bringing your family into God’s mission and vision for the world!……Retreating from the mission for the Family and Leaving the Family for the Mission vs. Bringing the family into the Mission of God!

o   How can you help and pour into younger moms…..or those who aren’t moms yet? Mother’s day is the day we talk about discipleship. As a mom that’s what you’re doing! You’re discipling your children. Your children will grow into much mature Christians as they see you discipling other women and bringing them along. Bring people into your life vs. making room or schedule….invite them into the ordinary and everyday things with you.

o   What does it look like resting in God’s Sovereign grace in your life. Your children’s salvation isn’t dependent upon you! God has given you influence, but salvation belongs to the Lord. Jesus knows the struggle of children refusing to come to him.