The Greatest Sermon
Matthew 5:1-7:29

Sermon on the Mount Overview: The Greatest Sermon

Text: Matthew 5:1-7:29

Key Verse:   33 “But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Big Idea:  Jesus, the King, brings a kingdom. His kingdom displays His glory and radically changes who we are and how we live.

Sermon Outline:


  • Why do an overview?  
    • Important to go back and remember what God has spoken and taught us as a Church and as individuals. (Spiritual Check-Up and Prescription).
    • Want to see the whole flow of the Sermon to better understand it. Breaking Scripture out of context and mis-interpreting and failing to grasp the Big Picture correctly. (Shotgun vs. Rifle Approach)
  • The Context of the Sermon on the Mount:
    • Matthew is showing Jesus is the fulfillment of Israel’s story (New Moses)
      • Jesus as the New Moses (Out of Egypt-Baptism through Jordan River-In the Wilderness for 40 days—Giver of Law from Mountain. (Deliver from Slavery-Give New Divine teaching-Save from Sin-Initiate a New Covenant)
    • Matthew 3- John the Baptist Ministry, Jesus Baptism
    • Matthew 4-Jesus temptation by Satan, Beginning of Jesus ministry (proclaiming good news of the kingdom), Calling His disciples (New Israel), Revealing the power of the Kingdom (Healing the Sick-Fame Spreads…..People are following Jesus)
  • The Approach to the Sermon: Jesus is constantly contrasting following him from religious devotion and from pagan idolatry. Religion vs. Irreligion.
    • Irreligion- Obvious rebellion and hatred towards God. Love for the world.
    • Religion- Deceptive, outwardly looks very similar, but it’s poison, destruction, deception…..Most Non-Christians need to hear there are two ways you can be far from God and one is religion.
    • Following Jesus-Inward Righteousness that transforms how we live.
  • Big Idea: Jesus, the King, brings a kingdom. His kingdom displays His glory and radically changes who we are and how we live.

Matthew 5:1-48 

  • Matthew 5
    • 1-12 Beatitudes
      • Question: Close your eyes, I want you to try to still your mind for a second. On a scale of 1-10 I want you to rate yourself, how content are you in life right now? How deeply satisfied and content are you? Do you have that number? What are 1-2 things you think if you had them would make you more satisfied or content? Be honest with yourself…….
      • The BE attitudes: Descriptive & Prescriptive……. (Blessed-Happy, Content, Approved…..a successful life in God’s sight)
      • Mcknight groups them into three’s (3 on Humility of the poor-poor in spirit, mourn, meek——3 on those who pursue justice-hunger & thirst, merciful, pure——3  on those who create peace- peacemakers, persecuted, insult you) Humility, Justice, Peace
    • 13-16 Light of the World
      • Salt & Light (Attracted to and Attractive to the World)- Light illuminates so others can see……Salt preserves and enhances the original flavor.
        • Aroma of Life to those being saved and Death to those perishing
    • 17-20 Christ the Fulfillment of the Law
      • The Glory of God seen through His Perfect Standard
      • Jesus fulfillment of the law on our behalf…..
      • BIG IDEA: Jesus, the King, brings a kingdom. His kingdom displays His glory and radically changes who we are and how we live.
    • 21-48 Jesus clarification of the Law (The Heart of the Law- What is means to surpass the Pharisee’s)
      • 21-26 Anger and Reconciliation
        • Motive for Murder is the heart of the command.
          • How are you processing your anger? Righteously vs. Unrigheously?
          • Have you done what Christ would call you to reconcile with those you’re angry with?
      • 27-32 Purity and Faithfulness
        • Adultery of the Heart
          • What does your heart wish for? Where do you eyes go?
        • Commitment and Faithfulness in marriage
          • One spouse-One Life-Reflecting the Union of Christ and the Church.
          • How are you investing and committing to your marriage and the marriages of those around you?
      • 33-37 Integrity and truthfulness
        • Christians are people of Integrity! Our commitment stems from the inside out rather than the outside in. Our Yes is Yes and our No is No. Oaths and Vows do not aid us in our truthfulness.
        • What areas in your life is God calling you to have integrity and speak the truth in?
      • 38-48 Love and doing good to your enemies
        • Going the extra mile and trusting God will protect and provide for you.
        • Be Perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect (Complete).
          • How is God calling you to love and serve those who are seemingly opposed to you?
          • How can you still hope to extend relationship and love to those who’ve harmed you?

Matthew 6:1-34 (Melissa)

Matthew 6

    • 1-18 Practicing Inward Righteousness (Hypocrites)
    • Vs.1:Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.
      • 2-4 In our Giving
    • We need to give! Giving reorients us from being selfish to selfless. Truly more joyful to give than to receive (Time, Talent, Money etc.)
    • Why do you give? For God or for others? What is God calling you to give to?
      • 5-15 In our praying
    • Private Prayer- Prayer is Absolutely Necessary and Vital! Trusting in God over ourselves.
    • Lord’s Prayer-God’s kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.
      • 16-18 In our fasting-Fast in order to Feast upon Christ. Giving up food and other things to feast upon Christ. Have you fasted ever? What might God be calling you to fast on?
    • Story with kid at camp
    • 19-34- Security and it’s affects
      • 19-24 Money or God
    • Where do you find your security in? Treasure in heaven is a far better investment! Better returns and no volatility.
    • What are you seeking first?
      • 25-34 Anxiety or Peace
    • Where you place your security will dramatically affect your peace or anxiety.
      • God’s Sovereignty—God’s Goodness—God’s Purpose
      • Seek First His Kingdom (Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing)

Matthew 7:1-29 

  • Matthew 7
    • 1-6 Judging
      • Condemning judgment vs. Discernment
        • Humility and grace is our approach to other’s sin.
    • 7-11 Praying to a Good Father
      • Prayer to a loving Father is EFFECTIVE
        • Ask, Seek, Knock
    • 12-Godlen Rule
      • Incarnational Living (What Christ has done for us—B.L.E.S.S.)
    • 13-28 Call for Decision & Commitment (Black and White….Follow me or Don’t)
      • 13-14 Two Paths: Which will you choose? Narrow vs. Broad
      • 15-20 Two Teachers: Which will you listen to? Attitude and Actions
      • 21-23 Two types of Followers: Which will you be? Never knew you vs. Welcome in.
      • 24-28 Two foundations: Which will you build on? (The Rock vs. The Sand)