Shine – Isaiah 60:1 ESV

‘Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.’
Isaiah 60:1 ESV

Light is something that can be seen as good or bad. People need to see things, but often do not want to really see those things.

In this world many things are done in the dark or in the secret places. People do not want to be seen doing things that are wrong or that are perceived to be wrong. They want to cover up those things and keep it hidden.

When the light shines, exposes them and they are ashamed of what they have done. They do not mind light as long as it does not expose them in a negative way.

Isaiah, talking to Israel, tells them that they need to arise and shine, because their light has come. God is shining upon them.

This passage is a prophecy of the coming of Jesus. Jesus came into the world as a light. He would expose sin and righteousness in the lives of people. He would show the light of the forgiveness of God and removal of all sins in the lives of all people.

Believers now have this light in their lives. Just as the moon rises in the night sky and reflects the light of the sun, believers are to rise in this dark world and reflect the light of Jesus to this world.

This light being shown is God’s righteousness and holiness. It is showing the way to live. It is exposing sin and wrong ways of living, while showing the path to salvation.

Every believer must now rise up and shine this light with no fear. The world needs to hear the gospel message of Jesus. They need to know that the path they are on is destructive.

You, also have this light in you, if you believe in and follow Jesus. Make sure that this light is shining brightly in this world. When the world is falling apart in fear and death, you can let them know the path to eternal life and peace.

The light you are revealing is not your light, but that of God. God is with you and will never leave you. Allow God’s Holy Spirit to fill you and guide you in how to share that light with the world to see.

God can and will change lives through you as you shine His light.

My Prayer…

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus provides; that you will know the light of Jesus in your life; that you will shine the light of God to this world; and that you will be God’s shining light in this dark world. 

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